Carpentersville Wood Shop® prides itself as the only market-driven wood company in the Philippines. Its passion for excellence is noted in all out world wide-distributed products.

Our two major product lines are WOODLINE® and WOODBASIC®.

WOODBASIC®offers a wide selection of the Lauan genus. Also known as the Philippine Mahogany, which is considered the best in Asia, this popular product is both durable and affordable.

WOODLINE® focuses on top quality products from a wide selection, including the Iron Wood, Yakal, Guijo, and high-end Lauan wood species.

Our ability to supply superior wood products has been proven over the years. Today, we are knows for first-rate lumber, responsive service, consistent supply, and unmatched environmental policies...making Carpentersville Wood Shop® the unbeatable supplier of superior lumber in the Philippines and in the world.



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Unmatched Product Quality and Service.

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